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CAMPUS - National Film Board

Welcome to NFB CAMPUS! To access this rich educational resource you must first create your CAMPUS profile using the following link:


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Account Setup Instructions

What is CAMPUS?

CAMPUS is the National Film Board's online educational service featuring over 3800 films as well as handy tools that allow teachers to create and share playlists, select film clips, and customize film descriptions in addition to an assortment of study guides, pedagogical evaluations, and our newest feature—learning bundles!

How to use CAMPUS

To use CAMPUS go to NFB.ca and SIGN IN at the top right corner using the e-mail address and password used to create your CAMPUS profile. (Forgot your password? No problem; click here.) Once you've signed in, scroll over your username (top right) and select CAMPUS from the dropdown menu.

Here you will find information and links to resources available to subscribers. Scroll down to view instructional videos on creating playlists and chapters.

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